The Future of Brighton College, Al Ain Looks Very “Bright”, Indeed, with Dr. Greig

With the school-year well under way and heading towards spring break, The Source had the privilege of sitting with Dr. Greig, Headmaster of Brighton College, Al Ain, to discuss both recent accolades and his vision for leading Al Ain’s highest ranking independent school into the future. With a passion for Geology, a First in Natural Science from Oxford, followed by a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Greig brings to bear a 30-year career in education accumulated at some of the finest institutions throughout England and Scotland.

 Having settled into your new position, what are the fundamental differences between your previous role as Headmaster in the UK and the current role as Head Master of Brighton College, Al Ain? And what are your top priorities? “It would be difficult not to comment on the fact that Brighton College is an immaculate, brand new facility and quite the contrary, in this respect, to Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow, Scotland that was established in 1641. The campus there is teeming with history and I was a link in an extremely long line of previous Heads. Brighton College affords a man in my position, the unique opportunity of further strengthening newly established, solid foundations and steering the institution in a positive direction moving forward. From a perspective of similarities, I might add that both schools share a cultural diversity essential in establishing common bonds, tolerance and a level of respect so crucial to the everincreasing integration of nationalities in today’s world. As far as my top priorities are concerned, I am committed to academic excellence, with a huge focus on motivating and exciting students and teachers alike to achieve their best results! Articulating values to both staff and students is of paramount importance. My aim is to consult with teachers, students and parents, in an effort to create a collaborative list of core values indicative of the school’s high standards of achievement.”

In only four years of operation, Brighton College, Al Ain has been awarded an incredible “Outstanding” in all six categories of the 2016 Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) Inspection Report; how will you continue to build on this success and take the school to new heights? “These are truly incredible achievements for such a young school and I feel very privileged to be at the helm of not only continuing but positively impacting the journey. We have two optimal ingredients working in our favour: a young, energetic and extremely committed staff, constantly striving for improvement and a popular house system that creates an incredible sense of belonging. By keeping the focus firmly on what goes on in the classroom, introducing fresh innovation as well as building on what has worked in the past, climbing to exciting new heights is a certain outcome of the equation.”

How would you describe your leadership style? “I am an advocate of a collaborative style of leadership and believe in both listening to and empowering the members of my team throughout the decision-making processes of running a school. I am strategic in my approach to planning and problem solving. I will admit that I don’t always make quick decisions but pride myself on often making the right decisions.”

What is your long-term vision for Brighton College, Al Ain, in terms of academic performance and other less tangible areas? “Ideally, I want to be a part of creating an educational environment that guides every child in the direction of inevitable 21 The Source success. My long-term vision for Brighton College, Al Ain is to assist in the creation of a school that boasts a unique identity; an institution that is comfortable in its own skin with a group of individuals that share common values. A huge part of that vision includes structuring a team that takes pride in their achievements and represents a community that recognises, appreciates and supports their hard work – in short, we aim to make both Al Ain and the nation proud of our collective achievements.”

Are you enjoying the lifestyle in Al Ain? “I am no stranger to the Middle East, having spent some time here as a young man working for B.P. (British Petroleum). Anyone familiar with the climate in Scotland, my homeland, can easily comprehend why I embrace the heat and sunshine instead of complaining about its intensity. I love the serenity of Al Ain and the scenery, geology and natural history feed so much of what I have always been very passionate about. I make a point of immersing myself in the culture of the region and am amazed by the astounding accomplishments of such a young nation.”


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