There are six well-known types of emotional abuse


My middle school son won’t do his homework. He tells me it’s complete, and I find out later it wasn’t. I try to keep up with it on the teachers’ websites, but he always tells me he finished it in class. Later, I find out he just didn’t do it. What can I do to make him do his homework?


Years ago, in preschool, a teacher sent my youngest child, Ainsley, to sit by herself until she was ready to talk about something she’d done wrong. She sat through circle time. She sat through snack time. She sat through recess and storytime and music. It wasn’t until lunchtime that she finally decided to talk. The teacher was surprised by her determination. Me? Not so much.

How to Ruin Your Kid for Life

Ten ways to ensure that your child will not succeed.


1. Give your kid everything he wants. Don’t deny what will truly make him happy. Overvalue money and things in his eyes.


Whether or not we are new parents, we all have questions and concerns and my situation was no exception to this rule. I had things that I wanted to vent about and things that I wanted support with, yet when the need to reach out to someone arose, I discovered that I had no one outside of my husband. So loneliness crept in alongside postnatal depression and I realized that I had neglected to accomplish a very important thing as an expat parent; I had forgotten to establish a safe haven of friends in my community.


I’m often asked for parental advice and when I’m not, I fight the urge to render it. I don’t want to give advice, per se, but I am the parent that wants to randomly hug moms whose child is crying with no end in sight, encourage parents that look drained in the supermarket with multiple children, hold the hand of the parent in the waiting room at the hospital, and high five the parents that make multitasking look easy while out and about (we all know the preparation needed to obtain this look). I know the feeling; I’m still there. I usually just give a smile and head nod since the last thing I want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable or personally look awkward.


But while parent watching, I also wonder if those parents have someone in their lives to high five, listen to, and hug them if needed - especially expat parents. I wonder if they have established families away from families. I know the importance of this. I have experienced parenting without that and I can attest to the loneliness, isolation, and unhealthiness of it all. It’s important to have people around that both support and advise you. Having a community of friends and people you trust to go through the ups and downs of parenting and just, well, living can make being away from family a tad easier and life more enjoyable. Also, allowing your children to foster meaningful relationships with people outside of your immediate family will make their lives richer as well.


If I were asked to offer advice to expatriate parents here in Al Ain, I would encourage establishing a community outside of your immediate family. These relationships are both important and essential. So, yes, I know that you are busy and I know that your newborn sometimes cries a lot and that you may be breastfeeding on demand, but accept that invitation to coffee because talking about it all can sometimes make you feel better. Please join that family for lunch because both you and your children can establish healthy relationships and bonds. Lastly, believe the friend that says you can call anytime and take them up on that offer occasionally. Be human. We need people in our lives and that doesn’t change regardless of where we reside. Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs that we will ever have; why embark on the journey alone?

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)

Kids are known to say the wackiest things but when we asked them how they would decide who to marry, they seemed to get it absolutely correct and we adults may be well advised to take a tip or two from these little matrimonial experts.

Style your Child with Babyshop Eid-Al-Adha Collection

Ringing in the Eid-Al-Adha celebrations, Babyshop, the one stop omni-channel kids’ retailer in the UAE from Landmark Group showcases the latest line of festive clothing.

Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Kids in general either hate brushing their teeth or they simply couldn’t care less. However, it is important to teach your kids how to brush their teeth to avoid dental and other health problems. With a little patience, creativity, and a handy tool, you should be able to get your kids to brush their teeth in no time.

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