Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative of the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate; Al Ain Zoo and 1001 Inventions launched a new and fun production “1001 Inventions and the Book of Animals” about 9th century scholar Al-Jahiz and his wondrous Book of Animals. This exhibition aims to celebrate and bring to life one of the oldest Arabic books on the animal kingdom. Exhibitions produced by 1001 Inventions focus on showcasing the ground-breaking scientific, technological and cultural achievements made by men and women during the golden age of Muslim Civilisation on a land that stretched from Spain to China from the 7th century onwards.

Omar Al Blooshi, Acting Director Marketing and Communications at Al Ain Zoo said: “Our decision to host at the Zoo this new 1001 Inventions exhibition that showcases the Muslim scholar and writer Abu Othman Amro bin Bahr Al Jahiz, stemmed from our recognition of the important work AlJahiz did in the fields of natural and animal sciences. His Book of Animals is considered by many as an encyclopaedic work in 12 The Source COVER STORY which he classified animals, detailed their characteristics and talked about their development. This is in line with our work at Al Ain Zoo in educating people about the animal kingdom in all its forms. We believe the educational objectives of the exhibition match those of the Zoo. By aiming to engage with all sections of society, especially school children, to support instilling skills that help with the development process of young people, it directly addresses the objectives of the "Year of Giving.”

The exhibition is a fun interactive family experience that brings to life one of the great scholars from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation and his book on animals through the medium of film, interactive exhibits, live shows and hands-on activities. 9th century scholar and explorer Al-Jahiz will take visitors on a wondrous journey of discovery of the animal kingdom and the natural world from 1,000 years ago. Shaza Shannan, Director Middle East at 1001 Inventions said: “We are delighted that the partnership with the Al Ain Zoo has provided the opportunity to introduce to children in Al Ain a highly engaging exhibition about a scholar from the history of this region. AlJahiz’s inspirational life journey and his contributions to our world are important to recognise. He lived during a golden age of discovery and creativity in Muslim Civiliastion where men and women of different faiths and cultures achieved breakthroughs that influence our world today. Through this new first-of-its-kind exhibition we aim to inspire children and young people and equip them with a mindset that enables them to build a future grounded in knowledge, giving and appreciation for the gifts of nature available to them”

The '1001 Inventions and the Book of Animals' exhibition will feature special activities and workshops for visiting schools. Although targeted at a family audience, the exhibition has special focus on children between the ages of 8 and 14 aiming to foster curiosity and care for animals and the natural world. Visitors to the exhibition will get the opportunity to explore the natural world as valued and appreciated over 1,000 years ago in Muslim Civilisation to help shape our modern understanding and relationship with nature to support a more balanced appreciation for life.

1001 Inventions and the Book of Animals
Join 9th-century explorer Al-Jahiz on a wondrous journey of discovery 1001 Inventions and the Book of Animals is a new fun interactive exhibition that brings to life one of the oldest Arabic books on the animal Kingdom: The Book of Animals by 9th-century scholar Al-Jahiz. The exhibition offers an exciting educational experience taking audiences on a wondrous journey of discovery of the natural world from 1,000 years ago.

At the Exhibition
• Meet 9th-century scholar and explorer Al-Jahiz
• Uncover myths and legends about animals from 9th century Arabia
• Learn about the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation
• Join Al-Jahiz and explore habitats of wild animals
• Discover if a crocodile has a special method to clean its teeth
• Marvel at navigation skills of the dung beetle
• Be inspired to take part in helping to preserve and protect wildlife

Exhibition Zones
The exhibition is a fun experience for the whole family, suitable for all age groups with particular focus on the 8 to 14 year olds.

The exhibition features:
Exciting Short Film that introduces wildlife through the eyes of Al-Jahiz and his wondrous Book of Animals.
Explore the Book of Animals and other important manuscripts from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.
Join Al-Jahiz on a journey of discovery through different animal habitats dispelling myths and ancient legends.
Educational Games for the whole family to participate in!
Cool Hands-on Activities to make your own book of animals, animal storytelling, learn about animal behaviour, learn the names of animals, solve animal related riddles.
Photo Fun with Al-Jahiz, and dress up in a 1,000-year-old costume!

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