Life is a Journey; Anantara the Destination

For more than 15 years Anantara has been providing truly unforgettable experiences with an epic selection of exquisite properties that currently span across Asia, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and Africa.

Last weekend, it was our turn to get a glimpse of luxury, adventure, extreme chilling, fanciful feasting and family bonding memories that will endure a lifetime. We checked into Sir Bani Yas Desert Island Resort and from the initial jetty greeting, where we boarded the ferry, right to that tearful farewell two days later, every blissful moment in between played out with the style, grace and coordination of a symphony – each movement as impeccable as the last and culminating in the sweetest of life’s harmonies.

Nestled amid the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, just 8 km off Abu Dhabi Emirate’s western coast, Sir Bani Yas Island offers a one of a kind wildlife reserve boasting more than 30 species over a terrain of mineral rich mountains, irrigated forests, lush mangroves and immaculate sandy beaches that harbour a submerged playground teeming with ready to explore marine life.

 And if this abundance of natural wonders isn’t already enough to overload the senses, then this UAE Eden has another ace up its sleeve that will completely satiate even the most discerning of vacationers. Meet the Anantara, Sir Bani Yas Desert Island Resort team. Whether it be the engaging drivers responsible for shuttling guests from one spot to the next across the sprawling landmass of the country’s biggest island, the extremely knowledgeable guides, the restaurant, housekeeping or executive staff members of the resort, there is a common goal accompanied by an outstanding success rate of achieving and exceeding guest satisfaction every time! They were, in a word, “AWESOME” and we were beyond impressed with the attention to fine detail that came part and parcel with every aspect of Anantara’s hospitality code – they simply did it right!

Although our deluxe sea view room was booked at the palatial Desert Islands Resort & Spa, there are two other stunning Villa-style accommodations that complete the island resort’s sumptuous lodging options. You can discover your inner Tarzan in rustic lodge-style luxury in the heart of the wildlife reserve at Al Sahel Villa Resort or admire flocks of flamingos gracing the mangrove lagoon and waves washing over unspoiled white sands from the shoreline barasti villas of Al Yamm Villa Resort.

Regardless of which address on the island happens to be yours, the entire property is one giant welcome mat ready to share its amenities and embrace every guest at each location.

Excitement and adventure for all ages are on the island activities menu hosted by a magnificent staff of well trained, able and knowledgeable guides. We opted for a calm morning sea kayaking experience, the ever popular nature & wildlife drive, a round of archery and last but not least, a trek through the incredible wadis, where a moonscape of rocks and hills surrendered a payload of hematite and other mineral deposits that had our youngest boy beaming brighter than a gold miner hitting the jackpot! And all this was achieved during the course of a weekend.

 The spaces between adventures were filled with mouth-watering meals from an eclectic selection of first class and above all, unique dining venues, extreme chillaxing in heavenly pools, sunset strolls along pristine beaches, encounters with a multicultural tapestry of relaxed guests, eager to share a personal tale of adventure over a beverage in an oyster of bliss and serenity.

And each night, from the balcony of our lusciously appointed room, we gazed out at a lunar reflection glistening on a placid ocean canvas before sleep embraced both body and soul. This was the itinerary that threatened to turn life back in Al Ain into a routine of mundane.

As sad as it was to leave the island paradise, the silver lining lay in the fact that a return to Eden is a mere drive away and having been there once, made us realise that there is so much right here in the UAE that has yet to be discovered and Anantara’s Sir Bani Yas Island Resorts should be at the top of everyone’s leisure list.

We will most certainly be back and highly recommend this Island resort to one and all.   

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