Does exercise really lift our mood?

Here in the UAE, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) figures reveal that just 19% of the population get sufficient exercise – way below the global average. We are not talking about hitting the gym for hours on end here, in fact a 2013 study by Boston University found that short bursts of exercise – just 10 minutes per day – could have a positive impact on our health.

And it’s not just our waistlines that benefit. As well as being great for heart and lung health, regular exercise has also been shown to improve mood and potentially help in the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression. Essentially, exercise kick-starts several chemical chain reactions within our bodies which lessen the pain response and induce positive, sometimes even euphoric feelings, often referred to as ‘the runner’s high’.

11 Hours a Day in Front of a Screen This is What it's Doing to Your Eyes

“Digital eye strain” is now a real condition, defined as the physical eye discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. As screen time increases - at home and in the office - so do symptoms like blurred vision, burning eyes, headaches and disrupted sleep


Diabetes is a disease state characterized by increased blood glucose in the body .There are mainly two types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, which is due to absolute insulin deficiency in the body leading to high blood glucose, and Type 2 diabetes, due to insulin resistance initially and later on, insulin deficiency. Type 2 diabetes constitutes 90% of the diabetes which we see in day to day practice. Diabetes, unfortunately, is a progressive disorder and patients must take medications and also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are overweight, losing excess body weight helps to control diabetes better.

When it comes to cosmetic injections, what technique is better? One dermatologist is about to find out. The World Health Organization estimates that 16 billion injections are given per year.


It’s been a nice, long holiday but a new term often means getting back into training and shedding off some holiday calories, or making a lifestyle change. Whether you’re joining a bootcamp, gym, group sessions or taking up personal training for the first time or making a switch, it's smart to shop around before settling.

Detox Teas: Are They Helpful For Detoxification?

With more and more people concerned about their health and wellness, detoxification products such as detox teas are becoming all the more popular.

6 Super Anti-Aging Juices

Juicing is not a newbie in the world of health and beauty. People everywhere are big on experimenting with juicing as part of their healthy diet for its known benefits. But which food should you be juicing? Different juices have a variety of benefits and one of the reasons for its growing popularity is for its anti-aging benefits.


With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be traveling a lot in the coming months. Staying active is key for me when traveling so I don’t arrive home feeling like a total hot mess, especially when indulgent holiday meals are thrown into the mix. Here are some tips for enjoying your holiday travels without letting fitness fall by the wayside.

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