IRAN A Land of Wonder

The word is out: as far as off-the-beaten-path destinations go, Iran is an absolute gem. More than ever, since 1979, intrepid travellers are making their way to the Islamic Republic and there’s little wonder why

A Cheapskate’s Cheat Sheet to Tbilisi, Georgia

It seems that everyone loves the country of Georgia. You can barely mention it without people piping up to say how startlingly beautiful the Caucasus mountain villages are, or raving about meats grilled over grapevines, the generous use of walnuts and pomegranates, or internationally beloved acharuli khachapuri, fresh baked cheese bread with a raw egg on top. But what they may leave out is how cheap it is — especially true since the recently devalued lari.


1. Bologna has a long and fascinating history, and the area’s been inhabited since the 10th century BC. A visit to the Civico Museo Archeologico will give you a glimpse of the city’s Etruscan history, while the city centre is packed with beautiful medieval and Renaissance buildings.

Raft Your Way Through NEPAL

Embark on a journey of discovery along the rivers of Nepal with the Epic Tomato team, the expedition-led adventure offering from Black Tomato. Face new challenges and test your limits on a pioneering bespoke adventure with expert guides and expedition leaders.

TASMANIA, A Must For The Bucket List!

Tasmania has some of the most stunning scenery in Australia, from the temperate rain forests of the Tarkine and Western Wilderness areas to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the East Coast. Tasmania, for it's size, is sparsely populated. With only 500k people in Tasmania, it's not difficult to get out of Hobart or a major regional centre and be able to explore a place without seeing another person. On tours such as those that run down the Franklin, it's possible to not see another person outside of your group for the full length of the trip.

International Travel Brands 'Thinking Pink' for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the travel industry has joined the fight to raise awareness by “thinking pink” all month long. From hotel promotions and pink airplanes to mammograms and massages, here’s a look at where and how you can travel for a cause.

NICARAGUA Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Remaining one of Latin America’s best kept secrets, Nicaragua is a country full of vibrant colonial heritage, mighty volcanoes and tranquil lakes. Nicaragua is paving the way at the forefront of eco-tourism, offering a unique experience while preserving the beautiful wildlife and surroundings. From exploring rainforests to sand-boarding down an active volcano – yes, volcano – you can choose to unwind and relax, unleash your inner adrenaline junkie or tick all the boxes and try a winning combination of both on a luxury holiday to Nicaragua. You’ll stay at some of the most remote eco-retreats amidst astounding scenery and discover the abundant wildlife, culture and history of this beautifully diverse country.


Begin your trip in León, Nicaragua’s second largest city and the cultural hub of the country. A little more off the tourist trail than Granada, León offers a more authentic city experience, with the long pacific coastline offering white and black sand beaches, mangroves and bird-filled estuaries – perfect for unwinding after exploring the city. Take a guided walking tour around the city to explore the rich history – the best way to discover León is by foot as much of its charm lies in the narrow colonial streets, art galleries, museums, restaurants and architecture. A must experience is the Hotel la Perla, a beautiful colonial mansion decorated with typical Spanish style and with views overlooking the city. Juan Venado Island is just a short boat ride away; this natural reserve boasts a deserted 20km long beach on one side, with a winding channel in the heart of a mangrove swamp on the other. The island is home to crocodiles, iguanas and 106 species of bird, and is a well-known vital nesting ground for olive ridley sea turtles – you can catch a magical glimpse of the nesting season between August and December.

Granada is thought to be one of the oldest colonial cities in the western hemisphere, having been founded in 1524, and is your next city feat. No visit here is complete without a tour in a horse drawn carriage, a climb to the top of the Merced church bell tower for beautiful views and a trip to the San Francisco convent – now functioning as a museum – which is home to an impressive collection of pre-Colombian art. Rest your head at Hotel Plaza Colon, a vibrant luxury hotel with a hidden pool and courtyard where you can find a slice of tranquillity in this bustling heart of Nicaragua.


Throw in Central America’s youngest volcano and a sturdy sand board, and you have an exhilarating new favourite sport; volcano boarding. Not quite as terrifying as it sounds (you’ll surf ash not molten lava) but definitely adrenaline inducing. A 45-minute hike takes you to the summit of Cerro Negro, with awe-inspiring views and the start of your descent, where you’ll slide back down to the base of the volcano in a matter of minutes. See if you can beat the current record speed of 51 mph – not one for the faint-hearted but a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


From ultimate luxury at Mukul resort in Nicaragua’s Emerald coast to Central America’s most upscale eco lodge on Jicaro Island, one of 365 volcanic islets in Lake Nicaragua, you’ll want to discover the most luxurious retreats amidst breath-taking surroundings – think crystalclear waters, majestic volcanoes and dense jungle. Jicaro Ecolodge is leading the way for a new sustainable ecotourism while maintaining a truly luxurious feel throughout the resort. Pacific coastline and volcanic islands make up the whereabouts of these two very special retreats on this trip; an island getaway in a lake is all the more unusual, which of course makes it brilliant.

Introducing Réunion

From majestic landscapes and awesome viewpoints to attractive coastal cities and stunning forests, the island of Réunion really packs a punch.

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